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In the interest of keeping your information safe and secure, you need to create an account which can be done in three easy steps. You will get instant access to your secure member portal if we can verify your identity immediately. If we can’t, we will contact you for further information. While it’s not mandatory, it’s best you have your Drivers Licence and/or Medicare card handy which helps verify your identity. In addition to keeping your information safe and secure, your account allows you to requests updated reports and scores without having to fill out a form again.

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  • 1 x credit reports each year
  • Your VedaScore updated each year
  • Option to purchase additional VedaScore and credit reports at $34.98
  • Access to our Knowledge Area
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Did you know you can also receive alerts on certain changes to you credit file? Veda Access can help protect you against identity theft.

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Veda safeguards your personal credit information. All transactions are encrypted with powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.